The bulk of the major build-out of the new venue is done! Sprinkler system and HVAC are done. Electrical and drywall are almost complete. We are using Clem Smith HVAC, JM Drywall & Construction, and Quantel Electric.  Next will be painting, the mural, stage, hanging curtains, cleaning, organizing, and set up, etc., etc.

We'll continue to wait for the COVID-19 vaccines to be in full swing, and see how we can proceed with our re-opening plans.


A special THANK YOU to those who have donated during this time:

The majority of the build-out renovations were made possible by
The Esther and George Jaruga Charitable Foundation


Brent and Carolyn Banulis

We appreciate it so much and it's helping us get through this transition: Brent and Carolyn Banulis, Don Lerman, Donna and Mark Richter, Beth Haviland, Wendell and Nancy Walsh, Brock Berta, Larry and Debra Dwyer, April Lidinsky and Kenn Smith, James Curlee, Lyn Spillman and Russ Faeges, Chris VanderBossche, Fred Greiner and Margaret Whitmer, Steven Rosenblum, Ben Rosenblum, Billie Wolfe, Daniel Stecich, Carole Walton, Anne Montgomery, Shanon Guinan, Michael and Gitti Wiescher, Linda DeCicco, Chris French, Margaret Bonen, Patricia Doyles, Anthony Berardi, Steven Francis, Alan and Carys Kresny, Ron Monsma, and Javier Resendiz.