Hickey-Shanafelt 9ollective


March 14

8:00 pm 

doors open at 7:30

Touring from Indianapolis, this group features a new group with composer Alex Shanafelt called the Hickey-Shanafelt 9ollective. The group is an extension of their big band, the Hickey-Shanafelt Collaboration, and plays exclusively original arrangements and compositions by members of the band. The group is composed of local Indianapolis professionals including:

Alex Shanafelt - composer/arranger

Kent Hickey - trumpet

Sean Imboden - tenor sax

Kennedy Sabin - trumpet

Freddie Mendoza - trombone

Jimmy Farace - bari sax Brandon Douthitt -alto sax

Pat Petrus - drums

saac Beaumont - bass

harlie Harriman - guitar


Set times and end times vary with each concert. Start times are always 8:00 pm.


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