End of an Era, but Not the End of Merrimans' Playhouse... 

We have suspended our concerts through June. This is a very difficult time, especially for artists, and small businesses. And hopefully none of you or your friends or family are directly affected by COVID-19 illness. We plan to reschedule cancelled concerts as we can.

Given the intimacy of our venue, we want to make sure to comply with the CDC and Indiana Department of Health Guidelines to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, and protect our patrons. During the down time, we are transitioning to a new space for our venue downtown in the East Bank Village District at the Commerce Center Building. We have moved out of our old space :(  but are excited about our new space, which will allow us to increase our capacity, but keep the intimacy. Many more positives with this move! ... more to come as this evolves. We will be spending June preparing the space.  
We are not seeing this as an ending, but rather a new beginning, as we will emerge from this isolation with a new vibrancy.

Since the near future plan for all concerts and events is uncertain at this time, we will just continue to monitor the situation, and improvise, that is how we do things, so we'll make things work, one way or another. We hope July will allow us to open up, as we prepare the space, plus see how people will fit with the new guildelines for this year. We also need to determine the status of all the artists already scheduled through the year as their tour plans have completely changed. We will, at least start our Jazz Open Sessions again, when people are ready. 


Stay calm and safe, strong, brave, and true... and we'll all get through this somehow. We'll see you on the other side, and we'll be back ! Keep spreading the love, and the love of jazz :)


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